Food Service Rule Change

Recent Change with Food Service Rule:

There must be 8 complete meals (instead of the previous rule of 4) from 8 am to 11 pm, five hours a day.


Section 314-010:  Definitions

  • Added a definition for On-premises liquor licensed premises.  It “means a building in which a business is located inside that is allowed to sell alcohol for consumption on the licensed premises.”  This was done to specify that the licensed premise must have walls (they can have outside extended service, they just can’t have ONLY outside service).
  • Added a definition for Appetizers
  • Added a Limited Food Service definition: “Items such as appetizers, sandwiches, salad, soup, pizza, hamburgers, or fry orders”.
  • Added pizza to the list of qualifying food items for Minimum Food Service: “Items such as sandwiches, salad, soup, pizza, hamburgers or fry orders.”

NOTE: The only difference between “Limited” Food Service and “Minimum” Food Service is the appetizers.


Section 314-02-025  Floor Space Requirements/Barriers:

  • Changed the language regarding Barriers slightly to: “Licensees must place barriers around areas that are classified as off-limits to minors and around game rooms.” The previous language caused some confusion and in some cases was being misinterpreted by licensees as meaning that game rooms are off limits to minors.  They are not; game rooms  just need to be separated from the dining area with barriers.
  • Added clarification that a portable or moveable rope and station is not acceptable as a barrier.

Section 314-02-030  Excluding Persons Under 21 Years of Age from the Premises:

  • Clarifies in Section 1 (b) that if a licensee is already licensed as a S/B/W Restaurant that allows minors, they may request permission to exclude minors at all times OR for a specific event.  WAC 314-02-130 provides instructions on requesting this approval.
  • Adds language to Section 2, clarifying that restaurants with less than 15% dedicated dining may not employ minors at any time.

Section 314-02-035  S/B/W Restaurant Food Service Requirements (Must offer Limited Food Service outside hours of Complete Meal Service):

  • Menu requirements have been changed to require 8 complete meals with a side dish.  Most restaurants should be able to meet this since we have expanded what qualifies as a complete meal.
  • Added language “Establishments shall be maintained in a substantial manner as a place for preparing, cooking and serving of complete meals”.
  • Limited Food Service” replaces “Minimum Food Service” language in this section
  • Changed the hours that  S/B/Wine Restaurants with less than 100% dedicated dining must provide complete meals to between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 pm.


NOTE:  This change in hours only applies to S/B/W Restaurants; it did not change for Beer/Wine Restaurants or Hotels.



Section 314-02-0411  Hotel Food Service Requirements (Must offer Minimum Food Service outside hours of Complete Meal Service):

  • Menu requirements have also changed to 8 complete meals with a side dish.

Section 314-02-045  B/W Restaurants:

  • Added the requirement that B/W Restaurants must be open to the public at least 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. The Board may consider written requests for exceptions
  • B/W Restaurants must offer minimum food service

Section 314-02-056 through 314-02-059 (NEW):

  • The Sports Entertainment Facility License (SEF) requirements, etc. have been moved from Chapter 314-16 to this chapter
  • The pages of the Operating Plan must now be numbered, and a principle of the licensed entity must sign it


Section 314-02-100  Grocery Store License:

  • Added language regarding beer and wine internet sales and delivery
  • Added language regarding the beer/wine tasting endorsement


Section 314-02-085  What is a Bed and Breakfast Permit?:

  • Repealed. This is a permit, not a license. The language was the exact same as the law.

Section 314-02-095   What is a Public House  License?:

·         Repealed. The language was the exact same as the law. Note: there are no public house licenses and haven’t been for several years.