Permit upgrades and replacements

Instructions to replace a lost permit or upgrade a Class 13 permit.


An alcohol server who is over the age of 18 and under the age of 21 may obtain a Class 13 Permit. When the server turns 21, they may upgrade their Permit to a Class 12 Mixologist Permit. The new upgraded Class 12 Permit will have the same expiration date as the original Class 13 Permit.

If you are wishing to upgrade your Class 13 Permit, click here to check who issued your Permit. If ALES is not listed under “Provider,” then we did not issue your original permit. To upgrade, you must contact the provider who issued your permit. If ALES did issue your permit, take note of the number and expiration date of your lost permit–you will need those to send to our office with your replacement fee.

If ALES did issue you your permit, then we would be happy to upgrade it for you! Simply send the $10.00 fee (cash or check) to our office, with the number of your lost permit (that you got from the link above) your current address and phone number to:

12803 NE 86th Street
Vancouver, WA 98682

Be sure to include:

1. The current address to where your Class 12 Permit will be sent
(including apt #)

2. The $ 10.00 fee, in cash or check.

3. The number and expiration of your lost permit (or Class 13 permit).

3. And your phone number, in case we have questions during the process of replacing your lost permit, or upgrading your Class 13 permit.


If you have lost your permit, ALES can issue and send a replacement.

If you chose to have the WSLCB replace your lost permit, complete this Affidavit of Lost or Replacement Mixologist/Server Permit and mail it with the replacement fee to:

WSLCB MAST Coordinator
P.O. Box 43098
Olympia, WA 98504-3098

If ALES issued your permit (please double check here) then we can replace a permit. We likely have all the information we need from your name to issue a replacement, but please do include your phone number if questions arise. Also, make sure to include a correct and current address (include apt number) so that your new permit makes its way to you successfully.
Send your full name, phone number and a $10.00 replacement fee (check or cash) to our address:

4101 N. Marine Drive  # 3
Portland,  OR  97217

Thank you.