Washington MAST Online Course

We design our Washington MAST online course to take three hours. All the lessons prepare you to serve alcohol responsibly and do well on the 40-question state standardized exam. After you pass it (two attempts are offered, and we have a 99% pass rate on the first attempt), you will be issued a Mandatory Alcohol Server Training (MAST) Class 12 Mixologist or Class 13 Server Permit for serving in Washington State.

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Mandatory Alcohol Server Training for Washington State

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Privacy and Record-Keeping Policy
Your personal information will be kept secure through SSL encryption and a secure database with strong password protection. We will only use your personal information for state records and to mail you your permit. We will never share it with a third party.

Course objectives are to give students:

  • A sense of personal responsibility for alcohol service
  • An understanding of the costs and liabilities involved with alcohol service
  • Basic knowledge of Washing State regulations
  • Information on the character of alcohol and its effects on the body
  • Techniques to avoid problem situations and intervention with problem guests
  • Skills to maintain quality guest standards while serving alcohol responsibly
  • A sense of confidence in the workplace
  • A sense of camaraderie in the workplace

Purpose of and Background on Alcohol Server Training (MAST)
In the 1995 law that required alcohol server training for servers and bartenders, the Washington State Legislature wrote that, “…the education of alcohol servers on issues such as the physiological effects of alcohol on consumers, liability and legal implications of serving alcohol, driving while intoxicated, and methods of intervention with the problem customer are important in protecting the health and safety of the public. The legislature further finds that it is in the best interest of the citizens of the state of Washington to have an alcohol server education program.” Alcohol Liability Educational Services, or ALES, provides this Washington specific MAST online course. We are a private provider certified by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

Mandatory Alcohol Server Training (MAST) Permits
Everyone who serves, mixes, sells, or supervises the service of alcohol for consumption at an on-premises retail licensed facility is required to obtain a server permit (Class 13) or a mixologist permit (Class 12) within 60 days of initial employment. You must be 18 years old or older to obtain a Class 13 permit and 21 years of age or older for your Class 12 permit.

Sample Class 12 MAST permit for Washington State

Sample Class 12 MAST permit which can be used by bartenders (mixologists) in Washington State

Everyone conducting alcohol tasting and/or filling growlers at grocery stores is required to obtain a Class 12 permit. Employees must be able to present the permit at events, as a 60-day grace period is not given. We also strongly recommend that a server renew his or her permit 60 days prior to its expiration. Permits are valid for five years and they are not renewable. To obtain a new permit, you must complete another MAST course through us or another certified trainer or provider.

Our MAST online course for Washington received certification from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. ALES has an obligation to issue MAST permits to students who complete the course and exam. Students must report this information to the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board within 30 days of completing the alcohol server educational course and exam.

Requirement for Alcohol Servers and Bartenders in Washington State
Your permit and supporting identification must be available for inspection at all times when working. Permits are the property of the server and may be used at more than one liquor licensed establishment. We recommend that you provide your employer or employers with a copy of your permit and always keep the original for your own records. Keep it handy to provide to a liquor enforcement officer and/or law enforcement while you are working with the sale or service of alcohol. For a nominal fee, lost permits may be replaced by contacting ALES or by obtaining an Affidavit of Lost Permit from the Liquor and Cannabis Board. Those who have passed the state standardized exam and received their Class 13 permit may upgrade to a Class 12 permit upon turning 21. The expiration date will stay the same as that of the Class 13 permit: five years from the date of course completion.

See the Permits page of our website for more information on upgrading a Class 13 permit, or replacing a lost Class 12 or Class 13 permit.

Server Permits: Servers permits are required by anyone who:

  • Takes orders for alcoholic beverages
  • Delivers such beverages to customers
  • Opens and/or pours beer or wine at a customer’s table

Mixologist Permits: Mixologist permits are required by those who:


  • Own or manage an establishment licensed to sell alcoholic beverages
  • Act as a bartender for selling or mixing alcoholic beverages
  • Draw beer and/or wine from taps


Exception: If you are a Class 12 permit holder, you may act as both a mixologist and a server. However, the reverse is not true. Class 13 permit holders over the age of 21, upon temporary absence of the mixologist, may perform the functions of a Class 12 permit holder until such time as the mixologist can arrive to fulfill those duties, but in no event for more than thirty work days.

Violations: Mixologists and Servers who drink or serve after close, are convicted of DUI or serve apparently intoxicated guests may be cited AND sanctioned AND have his or her permit suspended or revoked. As allowed by the Board, a monetary penalty may be imposed in lieu of a suspension.