Enrollment Agreement for Alcohol server Permit online class

You must acknowledge that you understand and accept the terms below before enrolling in the course.

1.      I will not hold Alcohol Server Liability Educational Services (ALES) liable for any action caused by me or others upon my direction.

2.      I swear under the penalties of perjury that I am the person who will be registering for and taking the complete ALES online course. I will personally take the course and final exam to receive a WSLCB MAST Class 12 Mixologist Permit, or the WSLCB MAST Class 13 Servers Permit, without any outside assistance, either from another person or from written material. In short, I understand that I must take the final exam on my own as a “closed book” test.

3.      I understand that prior to taking the exam I must complete the entire online course.

4.      I understand that I may log out of the course at any time prior to taking the final exam, and that I may return to the course at the beginning of the lesson where I left off. However, I understand that I may only access the final exam one time and that the exam must be completed in one session. There is no time limit on completing the exam, but if the computer is idle for 30 minutes, I will be logged out and the entire course will have to be paid for and taken again before the exam can be retaken.

5.      I understand that by registering and paying for the course, I will not be able to receive a refund unless highly unusual circumstances result in me being unable to take the online course and exam. These will be reviewed by ALES on a case-by-case basis.

6.      I understand that if I do not pass the exam with a score of at least 80%, I will need to reregister for the course and retake the complete course and exam.

7.      I understand that I may not consume alcohol or be under the influence of other drugs while taking the online course.

8.      I understand that I will be able to access a complete course manual for review purposes after I pass the final exam.

9.      I understand that to if I do not click the link below to accept this Enrollment Agreement, I will automatically terminate enrollment from this course.

10.  I have read and understand the privacy policy: ALES will not rent, sell or share any personal information of its students, unless the information is requested by the WSLCB or any other law enforcement agency of Washington State. I understand that the information ALES collects will be stored electronically and securely for the time directed by the WSLCB. ALES will not be held liable for any breach of security outside of its scope of record retention.

11. I understand that if I am delinquent in child support payments, my WSLCB MAST Permit may be suspended. I understand that the Washington State Law RCW 26.23.150 requires that ALES obtain social security numbers for alcohol server permit holders in order to assist in child support enforcement as required by federal law. RCW 66.20.320 (2) authorizes ALES (as a MAST course provider) to obtain social security numbers from the permit holders.

12. I understand that selling or serving alcohol at a liquor licensed retail business without a valid MAST permit is a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of not more than two hundred fifty dollars for a first offense. A subsequent offense is punishable by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars, or imprisonment for not more than ninety days, or both the fine and imprisonment.

13. Each enrolled student has 30 days to complete the course. As a provider, we are required to issue a MAST permit within 30 days of the course and exam completion and report that to WSLCB.

14. WSLCB has certified the MAST course based on the Washington Administrative Code 314-17 and any other information on this website that is not a part of the MAST course may not have been certified by WSLCB.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at [email protected] or by calling 206-856-0062.

Click here to accept this Enrollment Agreement and continue.

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