Alcohol Energy Drinks

Anyone who is in the business of serving alcohol needs to be aware of the facts regarding alcoholic energy drinks so they remain in control of how they are serving their customers. Let’s take a look at some equivalents for these drinks: one 23.5 ounce can is the same as drinking five beers and three cups of coffee! Could you imagine actually drinking all of that in an hour? Most would say “No”, but when a customer consumes one of these drinks, that’s exactly what they are taking on board.

A single serving of beer contains 4.2% alcohol by volume for 12 fluid ounces. An alcohol energy drink increases the alcohol percent-by-volume to a whopping 12% – three times the norm for one alcoholic beverage, and most alcohol energy drinks are 23.5 ounces per serving vs. The average beer’s 12 ounces…right there, you’ve increased your customer’s total alcohol intake by 5 times! Alcohol certificate, alcohol certificate, washington state alcohol servers permit, wa state alcohol servers permit, washington state alcohol serving permit, alcohol server permit washington, alcohol server permit washington, washingtonliquor permit, alcohol server permit washington, liquor permit, alcohol server permit wa, alcohol class, alcohol server permit seattle, alcohol handler permit, servers permit, serving permit, alcohol handling permit, MAST permit washington, ALES, ALE, alcohol serving permit, alcohol card, alcohol server permit, alcohol serving license, alcohol serving permits, alcohol cards, alcohol certification, alcohol license, alcohol licsense washington, washington liquor server permit, servers permit, alcohol license, washington state alcohol server permit, washington liquor permit, wa state liquor control board, alcohol serving permit, alcohol servers permit, alcohol handlers permit washington, liquor permit seattle, alcohol server permit seattle, washington state liquor server permit, alcohol handlers permit washington, liquor permit, alcohol permit seattle, Washington State alcohol server permit, Washington Liquor permit, Usually, a bar patron going out for the evening will consume 1-2 drinks per hour. With alcohol energy drinks, you have to consider that you would actually be serving them 5-10 drinks for that same hour.

Add in the counter effects from the caffeine in these drinks – equivalent of three cups of strong coffee – and your customer is going to feel good! They will absolutely be thinking drunk but feeling sober since the fuzziness, slurred speech and lack of physical coordination from alcohol consumption is somewhat countered by the caffeine stimulation. They will probably speak clearly, and have better balance and coordination, but their lowered inhibitions and poor decision-making capability will be exactly the same as anyone else who’d consumed five beers in an hour.

Most of these drinks, sometimes called “blackout in a can”, have been banned by Washington State’s LCB. You should discourage consumption of these drinks and be aware from a third-party-liability perspective.