Dangers of Alcoholic Energy Drinks

Alcohol energy drinks—like the name implies—is a combo beverage often containing a high caffeine and alcohol concentration. In line with all other energy drinks, they’re incredibly addictive due to the combination of alcohol, caffeine, and sugar. Over the years, they have continually grown in popularity. However, the dangers of alcoholic energy drinks far outweigh those of regular bar beverages. In most cases, the side effects of the caffeine (a stimulant) and the effects of alcohol (a depressant) counteract each other. As such, typical warning signs for a caffeine overdose or alcohol poisoning go unseen.

Patrons who drink mixed alcohol and energy drinks are at high risk for alcohol poisoning, alcohol overdose, participation in risky behaviors, and caffeine overdose. Although not as common, a caffeine overdose can be lethal—especially if the patron has an existing medical condition. While it is uncommon, caffeine overdoses do happen, and they can be lethal.

Employ these safety protocols to keep you and our customers safe:

  • Keep track of how many beverages patrons consume and how often.
  • Look out for signs of caffeine overdoes and alcohol poisoning.
  • Know the alcohol and caffeine concentration for all offerings—just like for any other bar beverage. Translate the concentration of alcohol and caffeine to the number of beers and coffees it equals out to. This may help employees understand the drastic amount each can hold.
  • Offer plenty of food options—from full meals to bar snacks—to lower the rate of alcohol absorption.

Although manufacturers discontinued quite a few alcoholic energy drinks, there are still some in production. You may find your restaurant, bar, or other hospitality establishment serves alcoholic energy drinks to your patrons. In this case, please refer to the information provided above. When you educate yourself on the dangers of alcoholic energy drinks, it will be easier to establish safeguards and limits for your customers. In addition, you’ll be able to spread awareness to employees or colleagues on the dangers of mixing alcohol and energy drinks.

If you have further questions, give us a call or look into MAST certification for your restaurant or bar.