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Alcohol, cannabis and crossfading

The use of alcohol and cannabis together, commonly known as crossfading, can have significant effects on individuals who consume these substances. While both substances are known to impair cognitive and motor skills, combining them can intensify these effects, leading to a higher risk of accidents, injuries, and impaired judgment. One of the primary effects of […]

Details for Mandatory Alcohol Server Training and MAST Permits

    Washington State is one of the few states in the United States that requires mandatory alcohol server training (MAST) for those who work as servers and bartenders. The objective of this requirement is to ensure that those who are serving alcohol in licensed establishments receive proper training on the responsible service of alcohol, […]

Best Strategies for “cutting folks off”

Professional servers in Washington State who work the restaurant and bar industry in various cities in Washington are required to get a MAST (Mandatory Alcohol Service Training) permit, before serving intoxicating beverages to their communities. (A Class 13 MAST permit are for servers and bartenders at least eighteen years old, but not yet twenty-one. A […]

Washington State Guidelines regarding the Cornavirus

Staying home is still safest We must prevent runaway spread of COVID-19 in Washington state. Our individual actions make a difference. Fewer, shorter and safer interactions are crucial. Staying home is still safest. If you do go out, keep it quick, keep your distance and wear a face covering. Recreate and do business locally to avoid […]

ALES Online MAST Class wins Award

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ALES Receives 2020 Best of Olympia Award Olympia Award Program Honors the Achievement OLYMPIA January 2nd, 2020 — ALES has been selected for the 2019 Best of Olympia Award in the Education category by the Olympia Award Program. Each year, the Olympia Award Program identifies companies that we believe have […]

ALES MAST Class for Washington State

If you are looking to obtain your MAST Permit to serve alcohol in Washington State, here are some of the ways students get to us in an organic search. Washington State passed a law in 1995 requiring all folks employed in the food and beverage industry in Washington State to have an alcohol license to […]